Protests across France over ‘pseudo’ climate change bill

Protests across France over ‘pseudo’ climate change bill

Protesters marched across France on Sunday, calling for tougher action on climate change. Lawmakers in Paris will start to discuss a controversial new bill later today, that activists say doesn”t go far enough.

Tens of thousands of people rallied to voice their opposition to what they’ve called the “pseudo” bill under consideration in parliament. Paris and Lyon both saw heavy turnout.

The protests were called by NGOs and unions who argue that the new climate change bill will not help France meet the European Union’s minimum emissions goals.

Emeline works for an environmental consultancy firm. She explained why she had joined the protests in Paris:

“There is a real urgency, there is a real demand from citizens for change to be put in motion now. And we have the impression that all the democratic bodies have lost their power and that the street remains one of the last bastions for expressing ourselves as citizens.”

The current bill would reduce carbon emissions by 40 per cent by 2030. But the European Green Deal aims for the EU as a whole to lower its carbon emissions by 55 per cent.

French lawmakers will start to examine the bill today and organisers have called for additional protests on May 6 if the bill is passed.

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